5 Best Ways To Pose

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Feeling lost when posing for photos?

You’re not the only one, here are my “5 Best Ways To Pose” in a photoshoot that can be extremely important, especially if you’re a first timer.

Working with people and companies like Shae Webb, Mirella Yiannakis and Athletico, I have really got to know how people react the second the camera is on their faces or in their range and nearly every time, the first time is challenging because the model / client don’t know what to do when it comes to posing, in reality, the number one rule is to be confident, know that the photographer knows what they are doing and that brings us to:

1. Watch your photographer.

In most cases, photographers will sign out a pose or shout out a pose to help you get more confident in the session, watching your photographer’s movements can be extremely important, they can see what is most flattering and act it out for you.

2. Act Natural

You probably hear this from a lot of people going into the photoshoot and it really is simple, you need to act as natural as possible, it is also easier if you have a friend around to make you laugh or smile or make you do something silly, basically forgetting that you have a camera on your face.

Eryn Webb
Great way to capture a pure laugh is with a friend.

3. Change your hair

Wait, what? What has hair got to do with this?, You will actually be surprised how changing the location of where your hair falls can completely change the image, from being up in a pony tail to curls for days, the way you place your hair could make or break your image.

Shae Webb Music
Notice how changing the position of the hair can either make the picture formal or fun.

4. Make sure you use your smile

Now this is something that can grind me when I am taking pictures of a nervous client, their smile, if your smile looks posed, you look posed so be sure to practice that natural smile.

how to smile in photos
Natural Smile vs Fake Smile

5. Change your angel

Angels are everything, infact, I am a huge fan of abstract angles and close up’s but sometimes it can be challenging too. Even a simple tilt of the shoulder can make the biggest difference.

how to pose in pictures

Well, that’s it from me, if you would like more tips and tricks, please sound your request below!

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