5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Hair

I know what your’e thinking, what does a photographer know about hair but I have a little secret to share with you, I actually have more than 8 years experience in the hairdressing industry, so read carefully and let’s get growing.

Regular Hair Cuts

I know it sounds crazy and scary but going for a regular trim every 4-6 weeks can really make the biggest difference, getting rid of those hairs that are destined to break off.

The scientific facts to this is that if the split hair reaches too close to the root, chances of that hair shaft or that follicle will die and never grow again until necessary treatments are done

damaged hair
An example of damaged hair that has not been cut in a while

Do NOT Use Coconut Oil

Say what now? Isn’t coconut oil meant to help treat the hair and make it soft and silky, yes actually it is but it is also the cause to your hair stalling in hair growth. Using coconut oil will just simply coat the outer layer of your hair shaft but the molecules in all types of cooking oils or oils not made for the hair are too big to give the hair the nutrients it needs, rather, it just creates massive product build up that can result in oily hair and your hair follicles can over produce natural oils and cause long term damage.

Wind Is Your Enemy

Okay, you might think I am crazy but high speed winds can cause as much damage as a flattening iron on 180 degrees (celsius), let’s just say you are going on a road trip and you decide that you want to get some fresh breezy wind through your hair, guess what, your’e damaging it, remember in the old days, woman would wear those scarves around their heads to prevent their perfect perm from getting destroyed from high speed winds, not only did that help contain the perfectly pinned do but it also helped the nasty germs in the air to stick to your hair, let’s not mention the amount of knots being brushed out in anger, yup, that’s tearing your hair.

wind causing damaged hair
Photo Taken In Zabljak, Montenegro 742355693 – This image does not belong to Cassy Lee Photography

Cheap Products Are Not Always The Wrong Thing.

I am not the type of hairstylist that will push something on you that I assume you cannot afford (because we know that ish is expensive) or one that will make you buy something you may be able to get at your local chemist, getting the RIGHT product for your hair is important in hair growth but also trying to not buy into these money making schemes, let’s use an example of a client I had sitting in my chair.

We are having a usual conversation and I noticed her hair was extremely oily on the roots but the ends were dry to the point of no repair and I asked her, “What products do you use on a daily basis”, her face went from happy to ‘what are you going to sell me this time’, her answer was as expected, “I use Treseme and Pantine, I alternate between the two”, I then go into telling her the amount of damage those products can cause, basically the same amount as coconut oil and her face literally turned white, I assumed someone must have told her, nope, her previous hairstylist RECOMMENDED she starts using these products, in absolute shock, I ask her how much she spends and how long it lasts, turns out, it will cost her the same to get a really good salon shampoo and conditioner and chances of it lasting longer was high. Alternatively, Dove is your next best.


Your hair can be just as important as your teeth, if you have hair that is being treated like a day old sandwich, chances of hair growth is slim, making sure your hair is always clean, brushed and treated with respect, your growth is 100% guaranteed. Loosen those pony tails, let your hair down from time to time and just enjoy it and don’t forget your regular haircut.

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